Managed Services

Automating System reliability

Managed services refer to the practice of outsourcing IT tasks and responsibilities to a third-party provider. This can include a wide range of services, such as network monitoring, help desk support, software management, and security services. By utilizing managed services, businesses can free up valuable resources and focus on their core competencies, while the managed service provider takes care of their technology needs. Managed services providers often use remote monitoring and management tools to monitor and maintain a business’s IT infrastructure proactively. This can help prevent issues from occurring and allow for prompt resolution of any problems that do arise. Managed services can also provide cost savings, as businesses can pay a predictable monthly fee for services rather than incurring unpredictable and potentially costly IT expenses. With the support of a managed services provider, businesses can enjoy greater efficiency, security, and peace of mind when it comes to their technology infrastructure.

Managed Services

Managed Services
Managed EDR ( Ransomware Protection)
Managed patch
Managed Backup
Starting at £15
Starting at £65
Managed Spam Filtering
£2.25 per user
Microsoft 365 Backup

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